Klein Info Design LLC

Content That Clicks

Let's work together to delight your target audience with the right content at the right time and place. I'll develop a content strategy and deliver crisp copy to support your business goals. My work ranges from patient education and e-learning to blogs and marketing materials. Contact me.

Craniofacial Responsive Web
Focused on patient concerns while conveying key marketing messages on hospital website.


GE Healthcare blog
Wrote pithy blog posts packed with actionable information.
Case Study - LUCAS
Crafted compelling case studies documenting procedures and tools to improve patient survival.


Improved Flows
Boosted non-profit's efficiency with self-service website.
Website Redesign Comp
Created content and clear calls-to-action based on user research.


Health blog
Blogged on timely topics to engage target patients.
Email Best Practices
Overhauled email campaign to boost click-through rates.


Online Patient Guide
Created online guide for cancer patients.
Lead Generation Flyer
Addressed customer pain points to generate leads.


Email Newsletter
Revamped newsletters to increase referrals.
Voices of Lifesaving in EMS magazine
Used day-in-the-life stories of fire and rescue crews to sell defibrillators.


Physio-Control online FAQs
Wrote technical support FAQS so customers get the right answers fast.
Best practices paper
Wrote best-practices paper to guide rural EMS agencies treating heart-attack victims.


Chemical Engineering newsletter
Showcased researchers' efforts to solve real-world problems in newsletter for donors.
Questions? Please contact me.