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Instructional Design

Whether you teach online, in classrooms or via print guides, we can help you present information clearly and give learners lots of practice. Reinforce key lessons with interactives and quizzes.

E-Learning Usability Test
Tested web-based training with target learners to improve relevance.


Online Practice
Packed online course with lots of practice.
Simplified Data Display
Simplified data display in e-learning module.


Web Writing Workshop Slide
Coached SPU staff to write copy that fits people’s information-seeking behavior.
AED Plan Work Flow
Created toolkit to help companies effectively respond to cardiac emergencies in the workplace.


End-of-Life online training
Revised e-learning assessments so learners show their mastery of skills.
QVAS user guide
Focused user guide on helping radiologists do their jobs, instead of documenting every software feature.


AED Implmentation Guide
Created step-by-step guide for companies that equip facilities with defibrillators and train employees to use them.
Fetal Position Slideshow
Enriched health encyclopedia with interactives that enhanced understanding of the medical information.


Online Sales Training
Wrote an online sales training module with interactive elements to reinforce key points.
Developed concept and wrote content for interactive Fetal Development Timeline on top-ranked consumer health site.


Tenzing training module guide
Wrote content and created animated screenshots for user guide for inflight Internet service.

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