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User Research and Usability Studies

Do you know your customers' needs and context? We will conduct end-user research and usability studies to be sure designs are truly user-centered. Expert reviews can spot issues before testing.

Navigation test analysis
Improved web navigation by testing, revising and re-testing using Treejack.


Physician Newsletter
Revamped newsletters based on user interviews and surveys.
Usability Lab
Ran in-lab usability study using the think-aloud protocol.


Axure prototype
Designed online tools based on user research, not best guesses.
Amazon Cloud Computing
Conducted remote usability studies for Amazon cloud computing.


Email Template
Ran A/B usability test to improve clickthrough rate on email newsletters.
Revised webpage
Improved online training for non-native speakers.


Agent portal research
Interviewed target users to inform redesign.
Carbon Footprint Calculator
Improved UI of online calculator by conducting expert review.


usability of case studies
Tested credibility and relevance of e-learning case study content.
WDS portal
Gained insights into users' workflow by testing early prototypes.


redesigned utility website
Tested redesigned website with utility customers to improve service.
WDS conceptual sitemap
Used contextual inquiry to determine needs of target users.


e-learning usability test
Tested early designs to guide improvements to e-learning for physicians.
E-learning module
Improved e-learning module for busy doctors.


Paper prototype
Tested paper prototypes to help Seattle city employees buy "green" on the intranet.