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Content That Clicks

Writing and Content Strategy

Deliver the right content at the right time and place. Reach your target audience and help meet your business goals with crisp messaging. Try an e-learning approach.

Craniofacial Responsive Web
Put patient concerns front and center in revamp of hospital responsive website.


GE Healthcare blog
Wrote pithy blog posts on challenges that resonate with customers.
Online Career Center
Attracted top candidates with online career center.


Health blog
Blogged on health topics to engage target patients.
Web page on Clefts
Helped stressed parents get care for sick kids.


Improved Flows
Increased non-profit efficiency with self-service website.
Website Redesign Comp
Based content on research with target users.


Case Study - LUCAS
Backed up ad campaigns with solid evidence.
Email Best Practices
Overhauled email campaign to boost open rates.


Online Patient Guide
Created online guide for patients.
Cancer Survivor News
Streamlined patient outreach after cancer treatment.


1-2-3 Step Format
Synched format with ease-of-use message.
Lead Generation Flyer
Used pain points to generate leads.


Email Newsletter
Revamped newsletters to increase referrals.
Sound Lab
Demystified psychoacoustics.


ECG tracing
Used plain lanuage to explain ECG analysis algorithms.
Cancer Survivors Newsletter
Used newsletter to build a community of cancer survivors.


EMS Journal
Ghost-wrote article for EMS Journal.
wikipedia article
Crafted fact-filled company profile for Wikipedia.


Best practices paper
Wrote best-practices paper for rural EMS agencies.
SPU Collection Services Web
Used seducible moments to promote conservation on utility website.


Physio-Control online FAQs
Wrote technical support FAQS that truly help customers self-serve on the website.
Customer Quotes
Told the story with customer testimonials.


Future Shack Poster
Wrote taglines to match conference goals.
Physio-Control product brochure
Wrote succinct product brochures targeted to customer concerns.


Yellow Mountain PowerPoint
Created versatile sales presentation to help presenters stay on-message.
Voices of Lifesaving in EMS magazine
Used day-in-the-life stories of fire and rescue crews to sell defibrillators.


Cedar River Web
Made scientistsí copy shorter, simpler and easier to scan.
Parent Map magazine
Interviewed experts to get specific advice for parents of 'tweens.


Chemical Engineering newsletter
Showcased researchers' efforts to solve real-world problems in newsletter for donors.
Casey Family website
Focused on people instead of programs to show how Casey helps foster kids.


Microsoft brochure
Spelled out ROI to show businesses the benefits of new Microsoft operating system.
HighMAT website
Explained benefits of HighMAT for home users, avoiding technical or marketing hype.


Vascular Associates website
Promoted Vascular Associates services by translating medical jargon into plain English for patients.
Top 10 Recycling Questions
Replaced long, scrolling page with easily scanned FAQs.


Sustainable Building Web site
Used terse bullet points and got rid of self-serving jargon to encourage "green" building.
Microsoft Education website
Wrote a succinct About Microsoft Education section that speaks to users' needs.


Microsoft Secure Kids Online
Wrote clear instructions on using Microsoft tools to protect kids when surfing, gaming and instant messaging.