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Kathleen Klein

Let's work together to delight users and improve your bottom line.
Klein Info Design focuses on improving the usefulness and usability of web and mobile sites.

Before starting my business in 2001, I worked as a web producer, public relations manager and journalist.
  — Kathleen Klein

Call 206-781-2615

Email kathleen@kleininfodesign.com

Snailmail: 345 NW 79 St. Seattle WA 98117


User research: Interviews, expert reviews and usability testing

User experience design: Task flows, information architecture, interaction design, navigation

Content: Writing and content strategy

Instructional design: E-learning and study guides

What others say

"Kathleen can talk to developers and translate the technical details back to the business side. She keeps both sides honest."
      — Web site senior producer

"Kathleen delivered great work on a very tight schedule."
      — Online training project manager

"Kathleen's trademarks are calmness and agility in the face of change."
      — Newspaper copy desk chief

"She sees right to the heart of issues and gives constructive feedback, then does whatever she needs to put the changes into action."
      — Corporate intranet manager